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Using Dell CCTK Without WinPE Injection

Contrary to popular belief, Dell’s CCTK tools (now called Dell Command Configure) do not have to be injected into WinPE in order to make changes to the BIOS during the WinPE phase of a task sequence. This applies both to SCCM and MDT task sequences.

The benefit to not injecting CCTK into WinPE is that it can be updated and maintained without having to rebuild boot images.

To do this, simply create a package in SCCM with the required CCTK files, or in MDT create a folder in the deployment share. Do not create a program for this package. The components required are:

Next, create a task sequence that references the package you created. The first step will be to install HAPI, which can be done inside of WinPE. Since WinPE runs like a “live-cd” no changes will be persistent. Your task sequence should look like this:

In this example I am setting a wake-up time in the BIOS. Below are my commands for each of these steps in the task sequence:

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