SCCM Application Detection Method for Network Adapter Configuration

I wrote this PowerShell script for use as an application detection method inside an SCCM application. The SCCM application would set the network adapter configuration if it is not currently configured properly. This company has a special DNS setup for SCCM clients that is different than for non-SCCM clients. Here is the PowerShell code:

Of course you would need to change some of these values to make the script work for your organization and its required network settings.

The script only outputs something if the settings are correct. If the settings are wrong, it does not output anything. This is due to how SCCM’s application detection method works with scripts – if there is any output at all from a script, no matter what the output is, then SCCM counts that as the application being detected. If there is no output from the script, SCCM sees the application as undetected.

For an easy way to deploy the correct network settings if this detection method detects invalid settings, check out my DNS Suffix script.

2 thoughts on “SCCM Application Detection Method for Network Adapter Configuration”

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  2. I have a desktop with only one physical network card. The script does not work, because if the variable just get back one network card, it’s not an array.

    To solve it change line 2 to:
    $networkConfigStatus = @(Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -filter “ipenabled = ‘true'” | where { $_.ipaddress -like “192.168.*” })

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